Entries, Hallways, and Stairways

As your interior designer,
Luxury Architecture Design can include your
favorite mirrors or works of art, along with side
tables and other accessories. A striking
chandelier or attractive sconces can provide
proper lighting to greet visitors. Floors can
consist of tile, stone (like travertine), or wood.
Custom stone designs can be included in the
floor for a special elegant look. The wall
treatment and lighting in the entry are very
important, because they set the mood for the
rest of your home.

Family Rooms

Luxury Architecture Design knows
tables, chairs, and other furniture for
your personal comfort and
enjoyment. It is possible that you
already have some favorite quality
furnishings that simply need a new
look by reupholstering. We will also
show you a variety of floor coverings,
including tile, stone, marble, carpet,
and area rugs. Accessories, art, faux
painting, wall paper, and other wall
treatments will give your family room
a professional and finished

As your interior designer,
Luxury Architecture Design knows
that your home library should be a
quiet and serene environment
whether reading for work or pleasure.
In many cases, the home library
doubles as an office, or perhaps can
be designed to accommodate a pool
table.  Offices from the rest of the
house, frequently nearer the
bedroom than the family room, for
example. In a business lobby, as
shown at right, Luxury Architecture
Design treated the wall behind the
sofa to provide sound deadening as
well as an attractive contrast to the
hardwood floor.

Luxury Architecture Design will
make sure the office allows proper
lighting, taking into account
undesirable reflections in computer
screens while allowing adequate light
for other purposes. In some cases,
the home office design is combined
with a library, possibly near the living
room, where business guests might
be entertained.
Dining Rooms

Luxury Architecture Design creates
the ideas that you would like to
incorporate into your new dining room.
Of course the dining table, is the
center of attraction, but notice how
often the chandelier or other lighting
plays an important role. Also note the
chairs and buffets or consoles. The
floor may be carpet, tile, stone, wood,
or area rugs. Notice the importance of
the accessories in achieving the
overall professional look. The window
treatments also not only add to the
overall appearance, but also may
need to properly control light and

As one of the most important rooms in the
special attention to detail, counter- top
materials, such as granite or tile, need to
be chosen for both beauty and
Luxury Architecture Design knows that
organization and storage are extremely
important, making your kitchen a pleasure
to work in while helping to maintain a neat
and orderly appearance. Particularly in
some lifestyle, the kitchen, is combined
with the family room, becomes the main
gathering point for the family and friends.
Quality professional design probably has
more impact in the kitchen than anywhere
else in your home!.

The amount and type of lighting,
including lamps and sconces, is also very
important, not only for the atmosphere,
but also to accurately show makeup
colors. Floors range from tile and stone
to lush carpet, or a combination. Area
rugs also add comfort, as well as
attractive color and texture. Beautiful tile
work applied in attractive and creative
designs also adds low-maintenance
beauty and utility to showers and tubs. An
experienced interior designer like Luxury
Architecture Design can make a big
difference in many small ways.

Bedroom is one of,
Luxury Architecture Design favorite
rooms to design and decorate. Their
comfort and utility are a very important
part of your daily life, and can add
considerable appeal and value to your
home. Important designer elements
include bed size and arrangement,
colors and textures, pillows, lighting,
and accessories.
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Living Rooms

The living room is one of the “show
rooms”; of the house, and Luxury
Architecture Design will make sure it
conveys the proper ambiance and
style for your entire residence.
Particularly when welcoming visitors,
your living room must project the best
possible image of your taste and style.
The furnishings, whether new or
reupholstered, need to be comfortable
and durable. The fireplace treatment
can include a mantle and hearth,
providing a place for accessories,
works of art, and personal treasures.
Coffee tables, chairs, mirrors, and
other furnishings must provide a
coordinated and finished look. Floors
can be wood or carpet or a
combination of tile or stone with
custom area rugs to complement other
items in the room. Notice above how
the trim of the custom rug has been
color matched to some of the chairs in
the room.

Provide our clients with
the finest Architectural
and interior design from:
cottages to mansion
or commercial
 in the
richest variety of styles
  • Contemporary,
  • Transitional and
  • Traditional
Styles such as;
  • Tuscany,
  • Mediterranean,
  • Spanish colonial,
  • Southwest,
  • Victorian,
  • Georgian...etc.