If you have a home for sale in Greater Phoenix Area Luxury Architecture Design Staging Services can help you
sell it sooner, and for more money.

What is staging?

Staging consists of several actions you can take to improve your home’s appeal and value to a potential buyer. If a
buyer’s first impression is negative, it can unnecessarily overshadow all the good features of your home. On the
other hand, a favorable first impression does the opposite, leading the buyer to visualize living in the home,
overcoming minor issues.

Because you live in the home, it is just not possible for you to see it the way a visitor will. You are too accustomed to
it, its furnishings and accessories, the colors and accents, and (unfortunately) its defects, to be truly objective. And
if it’s vacant, it is even more important to install a few rented furnishings to make the house look like a home.

You need an expert to help. You may love the blue wall or the pink tile, but 98 out of 100 visitors won’t! And you
need every potential buyer to give your home the evaluation it deserves. It just simply increases your odds of finding
a buyer sooner.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, we can give you advice and an action list. Otherwise, we can handle it for you. Either
way, we will make recommendations and cost estimates based on priority, and you can then choose how to proceed.

Why Stage your home?

Because it sells faster. The sooner it sells, the higher the price. Statistics show that properly staged homes often
sell twice as fast as un staged homes. A New York study found an average of 14 days for staged homes versus 31
days for un staged homes.
Because it sells for more. The U.S. Housing and Urban Development Agency reports that staged homes sell for an
average of 17% more than un staged homes. That’s $136,000 on an $800,000 home!

How do we stage your home?

We start with a visit, which begins with an evaluation of the home’s “curb appeal”. Curb appeal is the make-or-break
impression that can even prevent a potential buyer from getting out of the car to see the home.
We proceed from there to watch for cleanliness, clutter, color troubles, shabby furniture, and other problems that will
interfere with your home’s appeal to a buyer. Even though the buyer might not be buying these things, and can
easily re-paint, for example, the unnecessary interference with the decision process is very unwise. You should not
be expecting a buyer to mentally erase what is seen and visualize the property the way it might be.

We will recommend a set of actions that will depend upon the state of the property. It might include clean-up, some
gardening, storage of excess or damaged furniture (don’t think that a buyer is going to love your ugly old recliner
because it’s comfy!), painting, rearranging, and so forth. Depending on the value of the property, we might even
recommend replacing carpeting or counter-tops, if doing so makes economic sense.

Then after you decide, with our help, which items you can and should afford, either you can carry out the plan, or
we will. We have reliable and trusted workers and vendors who can take care of everything, or help you if need be.

How much should I invest?

You start with $300. Luxury Architecture Design will devote two hours visiting the property, making a through
investigation, and providing a complete list of recommendations, along with cost estimates. From that point on, you
can either tackle the list yourself, or let Luxury Architecture Design handle it, or work out a combination.
Luxury Architecture Design will give you an estimate of what her charges will be to manage the project.
Staging is a proven method for selling your home sooner and for more money. It is highly recommended by
Reactors, who have seen the results first hand. And Luxury Architecture Design, with our 30-plus years as a
successful  designer is very well qualified to give you the staging advice you need.
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